KX3005 / 4005 / 4055

Designed for daily use in the workplace,can put a strain on all components of the high pressure washer.

Ideal for cleaning encrusted dirt , with it’s pressure and flow rate. KX pressure washers  allow the washing of large areas with a low power consumption. The stainless steel frame which features versions KX, makes this machine suitable for work environments that require a strong and impact resistance. A lightweight design and the third front wheel ensures ease of use, manageability.


Recommended use: Construction, food industry, shopping centers, supermarkets and fishmongers etc.


Model KX3005 KX4005 KX4055
Bar 150 200 150
L/min 10 15 21
HP (kW) 3 (2,2) 7,5 (5,5) 7,5 (5,5)
Volts (Hz) 230 – 1 (50) 400 – 3 (50) 400 – 3 (50)
RPM 1450 1450 1450


Cold water high pressure washers complete in stainless steel fixed on two pneumatic wheels and one rotating wheel.

  • MEC series electric induction motor, S1 continuous duty with thermal protection integrated on the windings. Motor with high efficiency, with high performance and low consumption. Elastic coupling.
  • Professional pump Mazzoni in line (with connecting rods), brass head and three ceramic pistons.
  • 5 m electric cable
  • Automatic by-pass valve with  pressure regulation
  • 10 m high pressure hose
  • Stanless steel lance with  automatic spray gun and quick coupling for accessories.
  • Head with nozzle in hardened steel and detergent suction in low pressure
  • TST System
  • Parking brake
  • Internal hour counter


Additional Information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 77 cm



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