Accessories for pressure washers


Accessories for pressure washers

Mazzoni has everything you need to make industrial cleaning quickly and safely: his catalog includes a wide assortment of accessories for high pressure washers, such as Pipe cleaning kit and the sandblasting kit. These devices allow you to perform many operations, and to arrange for sanitizing the workplace, public and private premises, removing all traces of dirt easily. The company sells accessories and pipe cleaning pressure washer, to effectively respond to the needs of each customer: thanks to these devices, you can make cleaning and sanitizing, both in the industrial sector, for example for washing of production facilities, workshops and tanks , which in the agricultural and livestock sector, as for the maintenance of stables and farms. Mazzoni also offers filters, pressure gauges, quick couplings and nozzles, along with a wide selection of options that can be used to enhance the functionality and performance of the machines for industrial cleaning, all in a completely safe environment, both for professional traders, that for the environment.

Sandblasting Kit

The sandblasting kit is an accessory which, when combined with pressure washers, allows you to remove dirt, and graffiti written: this device is extremely useful in contexts such as public places, hospitals, businesses, and so on. This particular device is composed of a tank, inside which is located a cleaning sand reserves, which emerges from a gun secured to the pipe end: thanks to this system, it is possible to refurbish, in minutes, walls, walls , building facades, gates, floors and surfaces of various kinds, erasing any disfigurements (chewing gum, adhesives, etc.). The sandblasting kit, because of ease of use, it is convenient and versatile, as well as functional and economic: it can be used in indoor and outdoor environments, and requires no special skills on the part of the operators. The sandblasting kit is widely used in construction sites and construction companies for washing or removing plaster from buildings or factories.

PIpe cleaning kit

Mazzoni has developed, among the accessories for pressure washers, even special Pipe cleaning kits, which allow you to sanitize piping, drains and tanks in industrial and / or professional environment. Such equipment ensures fast results and high level, and do not require special skills from the operators: it is enough, in fact, connect the hose to the machine, and then plug the other end into the tube to be treated. The Pipe cleaning kit can be used in private or industrial cleaning of gutters, manholes and pipes of homes or establishments. The Pipe cleaning pressure washer is compatible with most of the pipes, it is quiet, practical and environmentally friendly: thanks to the choice of resistant materials and innovative technologies, it is possible to complete the work within a few minutes, with results nothing short of impeccable . Currently, these accessories for pressure washers are used in various sectors as well as in industry, cleaning of plant, including schools, shops, hospitals and public places.Mazzoni guarantees a quality / very advantageous price, and offers free estimates, in addition to a valid support for the selection of the most suitable products for every need.

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