Mazzoni: company goals

A major goal of Mazzoni is to fully meet the needs of its customers. To do so, Mazzoni invests in technological research and the use of high quality materials, which can ensure our products the best in terms of professionalism and efficiency

The Italian company is moving in the forefront in terms of respect for the environment: the materials used in the factory in Cavriago, the smokes of the boilers, the low noise emissions and, in general, the entire production are in compliance with European directives to keep to a minimum the pollution rate.

Minimal environmental impact with the search for the ultimate in quality and effectiveness of the product: these are the pillars of the company Mazzoni, always at the service of its customers.

Since 1969 the company Mazzoni offers its customers the highest level of technology and professionalism in the industry. From its early years, Mazzoni has based its work with a view of competence and attention to the quality of each product in an attempt to deliver optimal machines for Industrial and professional use.

The choice of the industrial cleaning sector

Since 1996 the company has expanded its range, becoming part of the industrial cleaning market .To enter the sector, of high levels of competition and dynamism, Mazzoni inaugurated a season of transformation and improvement of technical know-how of the company, focusing on flexibility, innovation and development.

The result of this effort is that today Mazzoni Srl is an international brand that settles for years among the largest manufacturers of  high pressure washers, scrubbers and sweepersin the world, with 65% of the company production destined to foreign markets and with an increasing trend.

Major components and major products Mazzoni are all "Made in Italy" and are born within the company, at a factory in high technology: equipped with CNC machines of the latest generation, vertical storage for spare parts and a new warehouse of 16 m height with TRASLO automatic system with approximately 5,000 pallets. Our company, producing the internal components of the machine, can offer to the customers a 360 degrees assistence.

Pressure washers, sweepers and floor scrubbers made by the company Mazzoni are for professional and industrial uses. For this, the technicians and experts Mazzoni choose only the best for their customers: ceramic pistons for high pressure pumps, elastic coupling as a standard for high efficiency electrical motors, boilers with coil thickness 2.7 mm, resined electric boards, by-pass valve with external micro-switch etc. Go to the section Industrial to discover all the products and accessories for pressure washers


Because only by working carefully on every detail you can ensure optimum performance, durability and effective responses to the problems of cleaning of the environment and property.

It is always a matter of choice