Mazzoni’s Boilers started to be used in the production of wide range of devices starting from street cleaning vans, bin cleaning machines, through weed removing devices, pharmaceutical business and even kitchen cleaning instruments.
We realized the market potential and started growing in the field that was not our primary focus. We gradually expanded and became a provider of other types of industrial cleaning equipment and are valued by our customers for our quality and high standards.
The idea to develop 40L BOILER was mainly born two years ago when several of our clients started inquiring about possibilities of increasing the parameters of the boiler that would fit their needs.
The prototype we developed is unique on the market and has the following advantages:
✓ Higher water temperature
✓ Lower diesel consumption
✓ Lower costs
✓ Lower exhaust emission
✓ Bigger capacity
✓ Bigger flexibility in the final product design

#Mazzoni proposes a new solution for heating systems that would provide a solution for this demand: the new 40 litres high pressure boiler capable of reaching 60ºC homogeneously.
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Available from March 2017, NEW DIESEL BOILER 40L is a product 100% MADE IN ITALY. Entirely produced in our factory through artisan processes that make each component, unique and high quality.

Maximum heating and minimum levels of polluting emissions of nitrogen oxide in the environment. Mazzoni boilers are synonymous with safety and quality ‘guaranteed by quality materials and sizing designed for maximum heat output, with an eye to energy conservation and new environmental regulations and safety.

With a wide range of oil-fired boilers also available in autonomous groups, you can choose the best solution for your needs.

For installation of the boiler on vehicles that are subjects to vibrations and oscillations we advise the boiler with centering ring which blocks the coil.




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